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Contra Vision Ltd
TEAPY Business Unit
Victoria House
19-21 Ack Lane East


Victoria House, 19-21 Ack Lane East
Bramhall, SK7 2BE
United Kingdom

TEAPY® - “the infusion solution™”. It’s time to change the way we serve tea.

Tips on using a TEAPY®

Tips on using a TEAPY®

  • For extra hot water - first warm your mug or cup by swilling with boiling water, then fill with boiling water and cover with the TEAPY®.
  • If the combination of condensation and light on a transparent TEAPY® makes it difficult to see the colour of the brewing tea, just tip the TEAPY® a little and peep under! 
  • If your tea bag catches on the side of a sloping sided mug or cup when agitating the tea bag, tip the TEAPY® with the recess at the highest point, then raise and lower tag with the string sliding up and down the inside of the recess.
  • If, when inverting the TEAPY®, some of the condensed water does fall onto the table, do not worry, it is pure distilled water and will not stain.