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TEAPY® - “the infusion solution™”. It’s time to change the way we serve tea.

Problems Solved

Problems with existing methods of serving tea:

Existing Table Service

Mug or cup service

If serving a mug or cup with hot water and a separate tea bag, or a tea bag in hot water, the liquid is open to the atmosphere and quickly cools. The cooling is accelerated by the movement of air over the surface of the liquid caused by walking to the table.

The tea bag tag often slips into the hot water, which potentially scalds retrieving fingers. There is typically no satisfactory way to dispose of the wet, used tea bag. Whether at tea-making points, for example in hotel buffet breakfasts, or in the home or office, the same problems of brewing, carrying to a table or desk, and tea bag disposal apply.

Tea “packers” (brands) typically recommend steeping times of 3-5 minutes. If a customer is expected to brew the tea or other infusion at a service point and then dispose of the used tea bag, this is at best inconvenient, especially for any other customers waiting at the same service point. With TEAPY®, the infusion takes place at a table or other point of consumption, where the customer is able to let the tea or other infusion brew to their liking.

Compare TEAPY® with current tea bag and mug service, see our video here:



Teapot service

Traditional teapot service has several disadvantages, apart from the number of items of tableware involved.

Many teapots drip when pouring, embarrassing the customer and costly in cleaning.

Tea in a teapot is gradually changing from too weak to too strong. It can only be a customer's preferred strength for a short period of time. Furthermore, the customer cannot tell how strong the tea is with an opaque teapot without pouring. Lifting the lid does little to help, as it is dark inside the teapot and a deeper depth of tea looks darker than in a cup. A first cup of tea that is too weak and a second cup that is too strong is the almost inevitable outcome. If hot water is added, the second cup is typically too weak. Tea in teapots for two or more people is even more unlikely to be right for each customer. 

The operator has to purchase, store and wash-up tea pots, tea pot lids and often other tea accessories.

Compare TEAPY® with conventional teapot service, see our video here:


Existing Counter Service

The same problems occur with counter service, depending on whether a teapot or a “tea bag in a mug” is used.

Some coffee shops require the customer to visit several different service points and often wait behind other customers at each service point.

Only one counter is required with TEAPY®.


The infusion solution™

TEAPY® table service, counter service or self-service is perfect for the customer and economic for the hospitality company. At home or in the office, TEAPY® has additional benefits. To find out why, click here.