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Victoria House, 19-21 Ack Lane East
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TEAPY® - “the infusion solution™”. It’s time to change the way we serve tea.

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Mosaic Hospitality Ltd converts to TEAPY® T-4-1™

Rik Cridland

Mosaic Hospitality has adopted the new TEAPY® T-4-1™ service with a milk jug retained on top of the TEAPY®, having had sixteen months experience of the original TEAPY® tea service with a glass mug and teaspoon inserted in the mug.

The TEAPY® T-4-1™ all-in-one-hand tea service is easy to carry with the “footprint” of a single mug.  Servers and the operator benefit from even faster prep and faster service.

Kim Miller, Manager at The Stables Kitchen a tourist location Bramall Hall, commented, “It was an easy decision to adopt this upgrade to the TEAPY® T-4-1™ service, benefiting customers, servers and the company alike.  Having both indoor and outdoor tables, the ease of carrying TEAPY® T-4-1™ is a great advantage.”

Other hot beverages, such as hot chocolate, are being served outside with TEAPY® as a lid to keep the drink warm and protect it from insects, pollen, etc.

Stables T41 18may2018 4.JPG
Stables T41 18may2018 3.JPG
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Roland Hill, inventor of TEAPY®, said, “TEAPY® T-4-1™ provides the brewing conditions of a teapot but has less pieces with the added advantage that the customer can see the tea brewing to their preferred strength, when they then transfer the tea bag or loose leaf infuser to the upturned TEAPY®, mess-free.”