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Victoria House, 19-21 Ack Lane East
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TEAPY® - “the infusion solution™”. It’s time to change the way we serve tea.

Key Benefits

Key benefits of the TEAPY®

The TEAPY® was invented to improve the hospitality industry's table service of tea and other infusions, using a tea bag in a mug or cup. It also offers advantages to retail counter service, self-service, office and home tea making:

  • The TEAPY® acts as a temporary lid to your mug or cup of hot water, keeping the water hotter for longer.

  • After insertion of the tea bag, it prevents the tag (paper handle) of the tea bag slipping into the hot water, while allowing you to agitate the tea bag to accelerate the infusion of your tea to the desired strength. It also retains pleasing aromas to enhance your tea experience. 

  • The TEAPY® is then flipped over and "docked" snugly against the drinking vessel, to be used as a receptacle for your used, dripping tea bag, preventing drips onto the table or table cloth.

  • On lifting the TEAPY®, the retained essential aromatic oils are released to provide an “aroma burst”.

  • The tea bag can be returned to the mug for a second serving.

  • After tea bag disposal, the TEAPY® can be used as a lid to keep your tea warm.

  • Experience has shown that hot water or hot tea brewing in a mug is much easier and safer to carry, avoiding spillages and accommodating more servings on a tray than conventional mug and saucer or cup and saucer service.

Additional Benefits of the TEAPY®.

Many additional benefits have been identified by customers, including:

  • TEAPY® is ideal for microwaving in place of cling film, to prevent spattering.

  • Outdoors it provides a “bug barrier” and keeps drinks warmer.

  • TEAPY® as a lid to any drink makes carrying easier without spilling.

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